DNPA Code of Ethics

DNPA Code of Ethics for KhetiTimes

The Digital News Publishers Association has voluntarily created a code of conduct for its members. While making this code, it has been kept in mind that while maintaining the freedom of Article 19 (1) (a) provided by the Constitution during the publication of digital news, high standards of journalism can also be maintained. Along with this, it has also been kept in mind that the process of gathering and disseminating news should remain uninterrupted. The purpose of this Code is to outline high standards, ethics, and good practice in digital news publishing. Through this, neither an attempt is being made to interfere in the daily work operations and activities of the publishers nor any attempt is being made to get involved in them. Publishers have complete editorial freedom, and no attempt to interfere in it will be made through this code. The spirit of the Code of Conduct is to uphold the standards of digital publishing as well as preserve the independence of journalists, news organizations, and publishers.

  1. Compliance with Laws and Regulations:
    • KhetiTimes follows all the rules and regulations of the country, including those outlined in the Constitution. We adhere to more than 30 laws related to media and also comply with the provisions of the Indian Penal Code, CrPC, and Information Technology Act 2000 wherever applicable.
  2. Ethical Journalism Practices:
    • We strictly adhere to accepted norms of ethics and practices in journalism, maintaining the highest standards of professional conduct.
    • Our newsroom operates with multiple levels of self-regulatory ethics, ensuring ethical practices are followed by reporters and editors.
  3. Accuracy, Transparency, and Fairness:
    • KhetiTimes refrains from publishing false, baseless, or distorted material. We prioritize pre-publication verification to ensure accuracy.
    • We uphold transparency and fairness in our reporting, ensuring compliance with applicable laws and regulations.
  4. Right of Reply:
    • News reports and articles on KhetiTimes include comments or statements of individuals or parties mentioned in the content. We provide an opportunity for them to respond to any allegations made against them.
    • If new information is received after publication, we incorporate the relevant response and update the published news accordingly.
  5. Removal, Deletion, or Editing:
    • In case of wrong or incomplete information in our news or articles, we promptly edit or remove the concerned parts after verification and receipt of necessary documents or materials from the affected person or party.
    • If an entire news article is found to be incorrect, we remove it from our platform.
  6. Respect for Intellectual Property Rights:
    • We respect copyright and intellectual property rights. Prior permission is obtained before using copyrighted material, and proper acknowledgments are given.
    • We refrain from using third-party trademarks and service marks without permission, unless necessary.
  7. Sensitive Reporting:
    • KhetiTimes handles reporting on sensational cases and crimes with great care, ensuring the right of individuals to be presumed innocent until proven guilty is protected.
    • We avoid speculation or unnecessary commentary on evidence, witnesses, victims, or the accused.
  8. Special Care in Reporting:
    • We take special care in reporting cases of sexual abuse, child abuse, rape involving minors, matrimonial matters, riots and communal disputes/clashes, divorce and custody matters, adoption matters, and workplace sexual harassment.
    • We comply with relevant provisions of the Information Technology Act 2000, particularly Sections 67, 67A, and 67B, regarding the publication of obscene material in electronic form.
  9. Grievance Redressal Mechanism:
    • KhetiTimes follows the grievance redressal mechanism defined and prescribed under the Information Technology Act, 2000, and is mindful of the liabilities and safety harbors under Section 79 of the IT Act 2000.
    • We appoint a Grievance Officer, and their contact details are displayed on the website for timely resolution of complaints.
  10. Training and Awareness Programs:
    • We organize training programs for editorial staff to ensure awareness of media-related laws, including the Constitution of India, the Indecent Representation of Women (Prohibition) Act, Copyright Act, Right to Information Act, Indian Penal Code, Criminal Procedure Code, and other relevant laws.
    • Editorial fellows are sensitized to reporting on issues like harassment, crimes based on caste or gender, domestic violence, and other social issues.
  11. Privacy and Sensitivity:
    • KhetiTimes strictly adheres to privacy standards, refraining from publishing names, details, or photographs of victims, minors, or individuals not in public life without proper consent.
  12. Promoting Communal Harmony:
    • We handle reporting on communal or religious matters responsibly, presenting news and facts after thorough verification to promote communal harmony, unity, and peace.
  13. Responsible Reporting of Courts and Judicial Matters:
    • We report on courts and judicial matters with accuracy and sensitivity, ensuring awareness of legislative privileges and judicial processes.
    • We avoid taking sides in court cases and provide unbiased coverage.